Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday!

We’ve had a lot of votes on the poll for the change of name and they’re all going for one – “Let’s Talk, Cas!” So, starting Monday, next week, Happy Days will begin to be known as Let’s Talk, Cas! – My signing off will stay the same as usual.

So, the issue that I will be talking about today is the cost cuts that is happening in the Mental Health section of the UK.

90% of you who constantly come back to read our work and talk to us suffer from a Mental Illness or a Mental Disorder. For those who have just recently joined us or are reading our work for the first time, we help people with Mental Illnesses and Mental Disorders for the following reasons – because counsellors and care workers don’t work.

Nurses, Care-Giving Nurses and informal people are those who help more! And to get into a hospital that will help you with a Mental Illness, at any age, is difficult. I can vouch for this! From the age of 7 I suffered from Depression, Anxiety and Suicidal Thoughts,  as most of you will know. I was completely alone in my battle other than having to speak to 3 counsellors, all of which made me talk about things that didn’t really have anything to do with how I was really feeling…

When I cried, they couldn’t hug me, they couldn’t even comfort me verbally. And thats why I set up LLLRanting.

It is more common for people with Depression and Anxiety to overcome it with help of friends. So, we set up a friend-like environment, we talk informally, ask how you are and how you really are – we listen to you and give you advise and we talk you down to make sure you’re safe.

We even meet up with some of you in public if you’re near one of us, especially me! I told 3 readers to meet me, we all met up, went for a coffee and talk about their issues with people who are going through the same sort of thing! Those three are now best friends and I still talk to them every now and again, to check up on them.

So, yes. I believe that the cuts to Mental Health Care will probably increase the suicide rate, I wish it wasn’t true, I wish I could do more for people in need and help more people, we, the LLLRanting Family, all wish to.

And we will continue doing so, because thats what we’re here for. The more we do, the less likely the suicide rate will increase… I know, due to us being a small community, we won’t impact the suicide rate much – but already this year we’ve stopped/talked out 14 suicides. We’ve helped 79 people with Depression, 56 people who suffer from discrimination due to their gender or sexuality. For us, this is a lot, a lot more than last year!

More people are needing help and more people are coming to us for this help and that is fulfilling our purpose but at the same time, some may need more medical help with their Mental Illness, having us help won’t be all some people will need. We’re more of a support and friends group – some will be fine with that, just needing a friend who will talk and listen. But some will need more, which the government in the UK is limiting… We need more people, facilities and Mental Health centres all over the UK so that children and vulnerable adults don’t have to be up rooted and taken away from their friends and family.

This is an issue we, at LLLRanting, have witness and we would like to change. For those who need our help, feel free to contact us!

My contact will be attached to my name below.

I hope this has opened your eyes to why we’re here and what we stand for.

Take care, and have a great day!


Castiel Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX

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