Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday!

We’ve noticed that over the past few months, Happy Days hasn’t been so… Happy.

So, I’ve decided to change the name, I’ve come up with three new name ideas.

Please select one:


And finally, BrainBox.

I will be filming more episodes – again – yeah. I was going to release them every two weeks – meaning that I had time to work, record, edit, college… But for some reasons… Every time I get some recording done, what happens? Oh, my films become corrupt!


Yes, I am rerecording, they will be pretty random – Sexism and transgender issues will be made into the next two episodes! I’m hoping to get these done today or tomorrow in order to get one out net week! However, the ‘first episode’ will be renamed as a Pilot – it was an important episode for me to do, although, it wasn’t how the series was supposed to be.

The first episode will be on Sexism – including Tampon Tax, Pay Gap, Job Application Sexism and a few other things…

The second episode will be about Transgender issues such as “Drop the T”, what the LGBT+ ACTUALLY stands for and much more.

So, yes, a lot of work will be being done over the next couple of days, I’m hoping to get the first episode out to you for Monday – if I’m lucky!


More updates will happen soon.

Thank you for reading everyone,


Castiel Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX