Hello everyone and Happy Monday!

Let’s talk about some stupid people, shall we?

If you live in the UK, you’ve probably heard of Tampon Tax. This is something that is extremely pathetic, sexist and just overall stupid!

So, let’s just quickly have a look into what is NOT taxed:

  • Edible Cake Decorations
  • Marshmallow Teacakes
  • Baps and Pitta Bread
  • Bingo
  • Jaffa Cakes
  • Exotic meats – Crocodile, Horse, Kangaroo and Ostrich.
  • Flapjacks
  • Herbal Tea
  • Razors

Right, can I just say this one thing – the UK has the problem of Childhood and overall Obesity… So, why not Tax all the fucking sugar on the No Tax Items?

Jaffa Cakes? Why? Are they not a Luxury Item?

Marshmallow Teacakes? Why?

Edible Cake Decorations, Flapjacks, and Bingo? Why?!

Herbal Tea is also not a Luxury apparently? But staying clean so you don’t get sent home from work or fired is apparently luxurious! Yes, because every month when a woman sticks a tampon in her vagina she obviously uses it as a sex toy?

But, hey, noticed something on the list that isn’t taxed? Razors. Who uses Razors a lot? Men.

Who uses Tampons? Women.

Who voted AGAINST the No Tampon Tax? MEN!

Honestly, it’s stupid and pathetic! Yes, I don’t have a period – I don’t bleed. However, I get all the joys of being murdered by my insides.

Three females decided to protest outside parliament and two caught the eyes of many! They bled onto their white trousers, making their period completely visible to all of those who could see.

And honestly, I have more respect for them than I do for the women who say it’s unsanitary…

Yeah, it’s not the cleanest but it makes a statement!

What annoyed me the most about this was these girls, one called Charlie and the other, Ruth, was called gross and disgusting… Which, seriously pissed me off….

It didn’t piss me off because I think bleeding everywhere is fine, normal or clean – it pissed me off because its more natural than having a tattoo, dying your hair, wearing make-up. Yes, it’s not clean – this is why women NEED sanitary products. They don’t WANT to use Tampons, they don’t WANT to have a Pad outline – they don’t WANT periods, they can turn them off!

But hey! If they’re classed as a luxury why don’t we all just bleed out? It’ll be fine! If we all get fired, we know who to blame!

After all… we spend hundreds on pads and tampons a year! Let’s do some math!

So – if you use Tampax Pearl – you get 18 tampons in the packet.

You need to change your tampon every 4 hours AT MAX! Meaning you should change it every 3 hours to keep safe, as you can die for having a tampon in too long.

The average woman has a period over a course of 7 days. If you change your tampon every 3 hours, as necessary, that’s around 8 tampons for 24 hours!

8 by 7 equalling 56…

56 divide by 18? That’s 3.1 which means each woman has to buy 4 packets of tampons a month…

How much is each packet of 18? Oh… around £9!

So, each woman spends, on average, around £36 per month on tampons… See how it’s adding up?

Let’s times that by how many months there are in a year – £432…

Now, on average a girl/woman will have their period from the age of 12 to the age of 46 – that’s 34 years of paying £432+ as the price of tampons don’t often go down…

Let’s do the math! That’s £14,688 – I wonder how much of that is tax – £734.40

And this is why they should NOT be taxed.

Thanks for reading everyone,

If you have an opinion and a vagina, feel free to comment – if you don’t have a vagina, go ahead and comment but if you say something incredibly stupid, please remember – I will not hold back at telling you how moronic you’re being.

Have a Happy Monday everyone – I hope this has shone a light on this issue.

Talk soon,

Castiel Gutierrez ♥ XOXOX

Tomorrow I will talk about the moronicness of “Drop the T”.