Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday!

I understand this a little late in the day, it has been a little hard to write a new Ad after so long!

So, here is our new ad:

We are looking for new writers for our Online Magazines.

Here is a small description of our organization:

We’re an organization that is designed to help people with mental illness and those who suffer with discrimination. We help by talking, in an informal, friend-like environment – usually over email, Facebook or on Skype, depending on preference. We also help by posting articles daily as a distraction for those who need it! We also produce two magazines, one weekly, the other monthly, that is both designed to entertain and inform our readers of issues that others are facing in our community.

The organization is Worldwide – we have writers in America, Wales, England and India and we’re looking for more, dedicated and passionate writers who want to gain experience in the field!

We accept people of all ages, sexualities, genders, races and religion.

Here is our most important rule:

There shall be no Racism, Generalization, transphobia or homophobia. We require writers with open minds as our frequent readers are usually in the LGBT community, and not all our readers are Christian or Muslim, some are also Pagan, Hindu, Jewish, Agnostic and Atheists.

Applicant Requirements:

–              Must be able to speak/write fluent English

–              Must be able to use Facebook – this is how our writers, CEO and Editor all talk to each other.

–              Must have access to internet

–              Must be able to comply with deadlines.

Job Description:

You will be a writer for one or both of our Magazines, all articles will be at least 300 words long, all articles will be handed in each Tuesday for Quick Fix and 16th of each month for Butterfly Pride. Articles will be emailed to our Editor, Wiktoria, you must include in your Word Document a Summary and Title, also, add your name to the end of the articles.

This is an unpaid role as the organization is Non-Profit. However, we do offer references and the experience that may help lose looking to work in the field.

If you believe you could fill one of our open positions, email, and text or call us.

If you have any inquiries, feel free to email, text or call.

We hope to hear from you soon.

So, as always, this is now your time to apply! It’s unpaid, obviously, but you can use it as experience within the field and we do offer references!


Fill in the form below to apply:



Talk soon,