Hello everyone and welcome to an unusual Happy Day!

Due to it being Art Week here at Live Love Laugh Ranting, we’re posting everyday, with today being Pixel Art from Jordan (panda) and myself (MrsCasGutierrez).

So, here is what we’ve made! Remember to leave a vote below to tell us who you think should win!

Eevee Axew Pinplup
(Left to Right: Eevee, Axew, Piplup.)
Pikachu Amaura
(Left to Right: Amaura, Pikachu)


Thank you all so much for reading!


I hope you all have a great weekend and we’ll see you again tomorrow to announce the winners of this years DeviantArt Competition!



Castiel Gutierrez (MrsCasGutierrez) and Jordan Gutierrez (panda) ❤ XOXOX