Hello Everyone!
The team and I have been wondering and for a while we have wanted to make merchandise to let people show their support and provide you all with a little bit more of a feel to what we do than just you following us!
So, we’ve come up with an idea!
We have begun selling merchandise! We are selling prints, all the profits from these prints will be put into a charity fundraiser pot, this money will then be separated equally among the Charities chosen! All purchases come with a 25% profit! So, 25% of the money you pay will go to a charity and the rest will go to DeviantArt for store costs/production and shipping costs!
To purchase, all you need to do is give an email, password and username! After you have purchased once, when we do something like this again, you will be notified if you watch my deviant account and add our Group.
all these prints can be bought on the following:
*our logo image of “Live Love Laugh Ranting” can only be bought on items labelled with an *
Mouse Mats*
Photo Prints*
Greeting Cards*
The following images are what we have so far:
This is the Live Love Laugh Ranting Mug Logo! To buy or look at item designs with this print, click the print!
Click the print to see item designs!
Click the image to see item designs for this print!
waterfall_hdr___live_love_laugh_ranting_fundraiser_by_castielgutierrez-d9dzixe (1)
For item designs for this print, click the image!
To see the full album go here: http://castielgutierrez.deviantart.com/gallery/56487948/LLLRanting-Fundraiser
Have a nice day everyone!
Stay Safe! ❤
Castiel Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX