Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday!

So, we have 3 days left before we all get to see who is in this years DeviantArt Contest!

It’s going to be amazing as we have a lot more nominations that we had last year!

So, here are the stakes!

All nominations get 100 points if they participate (let us enter and use their work in the DeviantArt Contest Gallery!)

The Third Prize Winner will receive 250 points!

The Second Prize Winner will receive 500 points


The First Prize Winner will get, you guessed it, 1000 points!

For those who don’t dabble in the area of points on DeviantArt, let me put it into perspective for you:

100 points is $1.25

250 points is $3.13

500 points is $6.25

1000 points is $12.50

It doesn’t sound like much – but on DeviantArt you can buy tones of art for 1000 points.

Or you can order one piece of art, on a large Canvas for 1000+ points!

So, it may not sound like much – but 1000 points could buy a lot for a lot of people.

Now, the question is: Do you have anyone who you want to nominate?

If you do have someone you wish to nominate – please go to our Happy Monday article and nominate one piece of their art and why you think they should win! For the rules, please go to our Happy Wednesday article!

The piece of art can be digital art, draw, paint or photography – we allow anything as long as it is from a DeviantArt account!

Thanks for reading everyone~

Have a Happy Thursday!


Castiel~ ❤ XOXOX