Hey everyone and Happy Wednesday!

The DeviantArt competition has started slightly roughly due to Artists not appreciating their fans nominations.

So, here are the rules:
– The only art that will be used is that, that has been nominated.
– The artist has the opportunity to either let the nominated piece be used or be withdrawn from the competition.
– At the end of the competition, a small fee of points will be given to each nomination that was used – this does not apply to those to withdrew.
– There will be three winners, picked by our judges.
– All art will be put into a DeviantArt Competition Gallery on lllranting.com for exposure of the artists and to show who won, the runnerups and the other nominees.
– All art will be shown as the artists, we do not take any recognition for the work or claim it as ours.

If you know someone on DeviantArt who you think deserves this opportunity, please go to our Happy Monday article and fill in the entry form – You can fill this form in as many times as you eant for different artists.

Thanks for Reading!
I hope you’re all ready for next weeks competition, we’ll post each entries art on a daily post to get your opinions on which art you want to win before our judges pick the winners, with your judgement in mind!

Have a Happy Wednesday,
Castiel ❤ XOXOX

(Rules written by Jesse Michaels, if you think these rules are incorrect, please email him at lllranting@gmail.com)