Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday!

Subconsciously, we all have a fear – it could be a fear of the dark, a fear of being in front of a camera or a fear of dogs!

But, I’ve done some research and 5 fears that are the most common – lets see if you have any of them!

5. A fear of homosexuals – this is one of those fears that is just stupid – but understandable – we develop fears through our social upbringing so if you’re born in certain cities or countries you will have a higher probability of agreeing with stereotypes and then end up being homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc.

4. A fear of clowns – this is completely understandable – sometimes – clowns can be frightening to people due to the sad expression under the happy face or maybe just because all clowns are secretly serial killers?

3. A fear of spiders – this is one that I can agree with, spiders are creep, especially the smaller ones due to them being able to run fast and hide out of sight within miliseconds.

2. A fear of dirt – although I have a very untidy bedroom, I can not handle there being mud or dirt of dust in areas that I work in! In my studio, if I find dirt or dust I will clean it! I just enjoy it being a little messy with stuff I put there myself!

1. A fear of People – this is completely understandable and I also have this! I have anxiety, and a lot of people with anxiety suffer with social anxiety – which basically means you’re ever with a friend or you’re going to get killed by listening to other people talking about themselves when you think they’re talking about you! This is a completely rational fear, if you get bullied or have been you may suffer with this, which is completely understandable.

And there you go!

My question for you all is, do you have any of them? Or do you have a phobia of something else which is fairly common?

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Thank you all for reading,

Have a Happy Wednesday!


Castiel Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX