Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!

We’re all going to die one day, its a fact that we can’t over look.

However, not all of us will be cremated – some will be buried.

So, what happens if a family member leaves a gift for us at our tombstone? It will probably get stolen like 9 out of 10 gifts.

Do the thieves get prosecuted more for stealing from the dead or not?

No, unless its from a war memorial?

So, apparently the cost of stealing from a war memorial and being caught is going to increase.

But why?

Yes, the soldiers gave their life to save us. Yes, they should be respected.

But shouldn’t all of the dead be respected – people shouldn’t steal from graves!

What do you think?

Should the law be passed so that all grave robbers get prosecuted to the same extent or do you agree that it should only be war memorials?

I hope you all have a Happy Tuesday!

Talk soon,

Take Care!


Castiel Gutierrez ❤