I got two emails from my teacher a week ago saying the following:

“Please hand in P2 before Monday, you are now behind”


“Hand in M1 before Monday, you are now behind”

And I asked myself – didn’t I hand these in? The work I had completed the very day that she had sent these emails?

Yes, and thanks to my internet my work didn’t send – so I did them again, only to be then told today that I need to finish and hand them in – when I had.

If teachers looked at their systems a little more, they’d find that I have, in fact, handed them in.

Teachers are at fault on so many occasions.

A similar incident happened last year, I gave my media teacher an essay – 4 months down the line she accused me of not handing it in and gave me a detention even though she had marked it and put it on CEDAR (a network that allows teachers, students and parents to track a student’s progress, grades and timetable including absences and attendance.

She gave me a detention, causing me to miss a counselling session.

When she then found the work in her folder, which she had lost a month before, she didn’t apologise, she just said I should have “made the essay more memorable.”

Why can’t she make her folder of student’s work more memorable? That way students don’t get punished for DOING their work and their stupid teacher losing it!