Today I’d like to speak about human rights. This isn’t going to be a list, I’d like to take a slightly different spin on things. When I have a look throughout history and I think of some of the terrible things that have transpired, the same things keep coming up. This theme is a basic level of human rights. It seems to me that there has been different levels of humanity and with that, those who are more fortunate than most, are also afforded more respect .

Silly me, I thought that respect might have been a human right? But if you are not in the inner circle of accepted views your human right to be treated with respect goes out the window.

If you drive a nice car or you live in a big house the likelihood of being treated disrespectfully appears to significantly be reduced. I can think of countless examples of someone in a shiny suit saying “don’t you know who I am?” Should I treat you differently because I know who you are?

I have heard phrases like respect should be earned and I disagree. In my opinion, respect can be lost but it should be given to you as a basic human right. I’m sick of people (not all people) who have more money or status than someone else and think gives them a right (a right that others do not have) to treat people as if they were something on the bottom of their shoe.

When we start to think that there are different levels of human rights , thinking that certain people cannot do particular jobs is not far behind. If we think that some people are of higher status then we can start to say that only these people should be allowed to take part in society’s most important positions. Thankfully this is something that is forever changing in society and more and more barriers are being broken down. We start have a long way to go but it’s a great start. People may be more skilled in certain areas but this does not mean that they are better people. Everyone should be valued and it is their skills that should be judged not their status.

Happy Monday,

Alex Richards.