Hi everyone, I thought I’d write a motivational article for anyone that has had a hard week. Recently I read an article that suggested passion comes after significant effort. I thought this was really interesting because my first impression was the opposite; our passion for something drives us to work hard. However if this article is accurate, we actually develop a love for what we put a lot of effort into.

Then I started to think, lots of us spend a great deal of time with our respective other halves. We try and fix things if there is a problem in the relationship, we try our best to consider their feelings and most of us don’t just walk away at the first sign of difficulty. In fact, I can think of quite a few cases where my friends have stayed together despite so many setbacks; they have even said that their struggles have brought them closer together.

So perhaps we have had things backwards? Sometimes we might talk ourselves out of doing things that are difficult but it is actually the hard things that we enjoy the most if we are persistent.

But this isn’t another article about relationships; it’s about effort. It can be very compelling to seek out things we are good at because if we have talent, a great deal of work isn’t needed to become above average. You might get A’s in school without having to bury you head in books for a week straight. A quick warning though and I hope you don’t find out the hard way, this amazing ability doesn’t last.

Sooner or later, you will be forced to apply maximum effort in order to gain at least respectable results; this doesn’t just apply to school. Regardless of what your talent is, there will be a time where if you aren’t used to giving it your best every time, you will feel like a complete amateur.

However, if passion comes from hard work, then it may be easy to fall out of love with something you haven’t work hard for at the first sign of difficulty. We should love things becomes they are taxing and stretching, not just because they are easy.

If you develop a passion for working hard, when the hard times come, and they will come believe me, you will be equipped to deal with them. This is because hard times should be embraced not feared. When we have our backs against the wall we find out what we’re made of. And unfortunately tough times are inescapable, try as we might to avoid them.

So, my message for you to think about over the weekend, when your back is against the wall do you enjoy the struggle? It’s hard to keep pushing and sometimes it can feel like there is only so much disappointment you can take. I understand, I really do. But nothing can describe the feeling you have when you realise that you have taken what life throws at you and you’re still standing the other side even stronger.

Have a great weekend everyone and don’t be afraid to struggle.

Article Written By: – Alex Richards.


Here is a link to the article that inspired my thinking.