Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday!
For the past two weeks I have been learning ICT in college – I previously did a ICT graphics and spreadsheet course in high school and enjoyed it – so I chose the subject and picked it up!

In the past two weeks I have done 13 assignment with two that are almost but not quite complete.

And how many of these did i fully understand?
I understand that the CPU is the central processing unit which also called a processor.
I understand that ROM stands for Read Only Data.
And I understand that BIOS is a little battery that counts all the days that your computer can’t when it’s turned off!

So, why do I not understand it?
Well, yesterday I handed in a piece of work that was worth a Merit – I need this in order to get a distinction or distinction star in my course overall.
I thought I’d get no higher than a pass making me have to do it again but I haven’t – although I thought I was doing it wrong and I thought I’d have to redo all or some of it at least, I got a Merit….
So, I was wondering!
Have you ever done something/a subject in school/College/university that you never underdtood but got the highest grade anyway?
Comment below!

I hope you’re all having a Happy Wednesday!

Stay safe,
Castiel Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX