Hi everyone, today I’d like to talk about single life. I read some interesting articles over the weekend and one in particular stood out in my mind. According to this article, people who are single are perceived as less happy than those who are in a relationship. When people say things like “I don’t want to settle down yet” or “I’m happy just being by myself right now” do we think these people are just kidding themselves? According to psychological research, we do!

The results from this paper are not surprising. In fact, many of us do feel like we need the love of another to be completely happy. You yourself, or someone you know may be actively looking for a relationship and there is nothing wrong with wanting to be loved.

Here is where I am about to get into a mini rant. I understand people want to be in a relationship and they are wonderful things when you find the right person. But I think it is important that you wait for what you want rather than settle for what you can get!

If you go shopping and you are determined to find an outfit to wear and you refuse to go home until you find one, I have no doubts you will come home with an outfit. However, will you go home with an outfit you love? I’m not saying you won’t but the odds aren’t in your favour.

If we tell ourselves we need to be in a relationship then it is easy to start settling for the options around you. Becoming less picky does increase the odds of finding someone, which is fine if you just want someone but not if you want the right one.

Another one of my issues of trying too hard to be in a relationship is that if we need someone else so much, we might not know ourselves. This increases the chances of growing apart from this person because they might not be giving you what you need. Alternatively, you might not be able to give them what they need because you now have things you’d like to accomplish.

Before I end my mini rant, I would like to add a little disclaimer. I’m not saying that being in a relationship is bad at all (I’ve been with my girlfriend for a little over two years). I’m just saying that settling for anyone because you want something is! I know what it’s like to be in a great relationship and I want the same for everyone. You deserve it and if you’re patient then you will find the right person if you decide being in a relationship is what you want.

Secondly, there is nothing wrong with being single. It doesn’t mean you will be less happy believe me. So don’t think that you need someone else to be happy, you don’t. Being in a relationship can add to your happiness but it doesn’t have to be your only source of happiness. Okay, rant over now.

Happy Monday everyone,

Alex Richards