Hello Everyone,

Some of you have asked – Why have you stopped doing Happy Days yourself? Well, don’t worry – you’ll get your answer soon enough!

However, before that time comes – I would like to share out basic stats with you! These show how many views, likes, comments and the amount of visitors we’ve had in the past year!

Views have gone up by 400%, Visitors have gone up by 300%, Likes have gone up by 500% and Comments have gone up by 2100%! This is F*cking Crazy!

Honestly, it is absolutely amazing the growth we have had!

And we want to grow more!

We need to.

We’re here to help anyone who asks – any time of day or night – and we want to reach out to more people!

By doing this, we are recruiting more writers – making more opportunities for writers to gain experience while helping people!


I urge you all, help us to help more people, please!

Share this article – whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or Pinterest!

Share this article and help us give someone hope!

We may only be a small group of writers, but we can help – we know we can.



Thank you so much for reading, I hope you all enjoyed the good news!

Talk soon everyone ❤


Castiel Gutierrez