I still cannot believe we are putting women down for their appearance, such as their body shape, make up skills, natural face and their persona.

A woman’s body shape is different, in every woman, some are curvy, and some are skinny. Some are apple, some are pear, some are hourglass, and some are square. No matter what shape you are, you are beautiful, someone out there will love you. Some men are not attracted to certain body shapes, but that does not mean you are not beautiful.

If you have a little ‘chub’ on your ribs and arms, do not be ashamed. A woman is supposed to have a little body fat, for carrying babies and to insulate your bodies. If you do not have this, do not fear, you are not at risk, you just have a higher metabolism than some.

Women spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on gym fees and weight loss food, the majority of diets do not work. The only pounds they are losing are gold ones. Be healthy, by all means, but if you want to be at a healthy weight, eat healthier and exercise forty plus minutes a day. Drink plenty of water and just be you. That is all we should ask of a woman.

I should not have to spend approximately £94 plus on make up to fit in these days. Make up is just a commercial way to make women think they are not good enough without it. Every girl should be comfortable with her natural face, her freckles, her blemishes and short eyelashes and pale complexion. Men do not wear makeup, but that is because society has not told them they look horrible without it.

Girls are so ridiculed about their makeup skills these days, that even when they wear it they apparently look ugly, because they are unsure on how to apply it or on what products to use. Girls should be allowed to be individuals and not brainwashed into thinking they should look and dress a certain way. I see every girl these days dressed in Top Shop Skinny Jeans and Crop Tops, only a fair few wear something totally different and stand out.

Some girl’s personalities are crushed because of the way they are. Some girls are loud and outgoing and some are quiet and stuck in their own worlds, but whichever one they are, it is not right. If you are loud and outgoing, you’re a slag and a flirt, but if you’re quiet and alone, you’re boring and selfish.

Being outgoing helps you in the world, it means you have confidence and it gives you more of a chance of getting through life easier, as you’ll be able to get jobs and get a more social group of friends, the only thing with being outgoing is that you can get to big for your boots.

Being quiet is good because you can get on with things without people getting in your way, but you get stuck in group/team work. You are independent and you do not rely on people as much as outgoing people do. However, the thing that really lets you down is that being alone, is not always good and not healthy for you either.

We do find that the depression and anxiety rate increases in shyer people as they are so alone and no one really notices them and people should be helping them raise their confidence and not putting them down because they are different. Society’s standards are so high these days that they kick people when they are down, and they do not want to help when it is desperately needed.

We need to fight mental illness in women, those who get these illnesses because of how society treats them.

Remember a smile goes a long way. Empower every woman.

By Bryony Amber Lewis