When you first meet someone, you honestly do not know how important they are going to be to you. The best relationships usually begin unexpectedly. You can miss them from the second they leave, you think about them from the second you wake up and to the point you fall asleep. Your dreams, world and daily life revolve around them, no matter what.

You do not listen to what anybody else says, you accept your partners past and trust and respect them, whatever they do. Their life is much more important than yours. You constantly wish for them to be next to you when they’re gone. You fight every day for the relationship because it is worth it, you have nothing to lose except them.

You act like best friends, idiots, you talk about stupid topics and plan your future, as if you have a clue, you never get tired of each other, even when you say you need space. They are constantly in the back of your mind.

You’re not perfect and neither are they, they’ll annoy you and say stupid stuff, and then take it back. You love them for them and you will never find someone who loves you as much as them. They should love you in all states that you can be in

Your relationship goals are to travel, get married, and have beautiful children, a cosy home and your dream jobs. Not to have sex in public places and squeezing each other’s butts in public. Have some ambition people!

They are your one in seven point three billion, in the world. They are the person you rely on every single day.

Relationships shouldn’t tie you down; they should make you the happiest person alive, every day. Everyone says it is a bad thing to be in a relationship, do not listen to them.

By Bryony Amber Lewis