Hey guys!

So, I stumbled upon something quite stupid the other day; I was in the supermarket buying some food and snacks for the premier of Doctor Who (which was quite awesome by the way!), and so I headed to the biscuit isle. Home brand biscuits – any flavour, and type – are usually 65p a packet, but they had an offer “3 Packets For £2”, which is 5p more expensive the getting 3 packets separately! Sorry, Co-Op, do you think we are all single figured IQ airheads? Nope, we know how to add up, and 3 x 65 = £1.95 pence! And when I am buying 9 packets of biscuits, for 12 of us (my two brothers brought their girlfriends and best friends around so there were loads…), I am losing out on 15 pence that I am supposed to be buying other stuff with! So, I pull aside a shelf stacker, who should REALLY know what offers are on and not, and I said to him: “Excuse me, did you know you’re charging 5 pence extra for 3 packets of biscuits?”

So, he turns around to me, and goes “Sorry, if your submitting a complaint, then you need to go to customer services.” I was really ticked off; I ended up going to customer services with a full basket of food, and when I got to the women on the till, I kindly told her about the 15 pence extra I was supposed to be paying, and she said to me it was probably a mistake, and gave me 15 pence change.

Again, who does the manager tell about the offers that are on? Monkeys? I totally give up. I bumped into the store manager the other day and pointed this out, and he said to me “thank you for your feedback, and we will get on to it ASAP.” Two days later, still no change, and the offer is supposed to end at the end of September… Seriously, rip-off Britain or what? I now buy my biscuits from Tescos, thanks a lot you fat cats!

Dalton Ewen

(A/N : Dalton and Bryony are taking over Happy Days until further notice, this will not be forever, it will only be for a short while. However, due to Castiel being upset from last weeks events, she has decided to take a slight break in order to save you all from constant depressing posts. She will post a vlog later in the week explaining why. Thank you for your patience!)