It’s annoying – this feeling of loss and powerlessness.

It was an entire year ago, I almost died… But as I was saved by him, a part of me died in side, a part that I never needed, nor wanted, but that part of me was and is still important because it’s what made me.

On Tuesday 16th September 2014, I committed suicide. I didn’t fail. Part of me died that day – the part that wanted the rest of me dead.

A year later, on Wednesday 16th September 2016, Daniel Kyre committed suicide – the part that wanted him dead succeeded, we lost an inspiration while creating an angel.

I know it wasn’t my fault – it was nobody’s fault – but I feel responsible.

I don’t know why; maybe because it was my anniversary?

Maybe because I have never explained my experience with suicide….

But I know what I must do now, I will aim to save more people, keep more people from suicide, make sure they know that one day it will get better for them – just like it did for me.

Last week, we lost a beautiful soul – heaven called his name and an angel was made.

We lost Daniel. So, in his honour, I will strive to get more awareness for mental illness, I will strive to help people through the dark times.

I take responsibility. I will help with all my being.

If you’re battling the darkness and the madness, just remember – you’re never alone. I am just a single message away!

I Love You.