Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday!

So, as a lot of you will know Social Media is basically taking over the world – whether its Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, we are losing more and more people to the emotionless technology that is internet!

However, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me being a little hooked on it myself!

Now, this week Mark Zuckerberg – the man who invented Facebook – announced that the site will soon be introducing a Dislike button! His reasoning being great: “I want users to be able to dislike sad events and show empathy”. And honestly, it’s a shame its taken this long!

The only problem is – people are campaigning to stop it… Yay! Why? Because of cyber-bullying… Pressing a single button doesn’t show hate it shows that someone dislikes the post. If the post is sad, it means they would rather the person be happy. If it’s a homosexual image, and someone dislikes it, it just means they aren’t into it and don’t want to see it – this won’t enhance cyberbullying – comments do! Why? Because by commenting you are voicing your opinion, belief and sometimes your harsh comment on someone else’s life style or appearance!

So, no – a Dislike button won’t do much! For people like myself, a dislike button will help because as a content creator I know some people like other things more – some will like some posts but not other but because they can’t dislike I won’t know whether they have just not seen it or not, or just not enjoyed it as much as other posts due to the topic!

So, now – this button will NOT increase Cyber-bullying – there is a difference between having an opinion on a post/status/article and just wanting to cause harm to someone, the campaigners need to learn the difference, I think. But that is just My Opinion.

What’s your opinion on the subject? Comment below, I’d love to know whether you are with the campaigners on the subject or Zuckerberg and Myself!

Have a Happy Wednesday!


Castiel Gutierrez