Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday!

I got given a piece of homework – over a week ago – and it is due in on Monday!

I have started writing said homework on a million occasions and failed on all until today….

Did I mention this essay has to be 1,800 words long? And I’ve left it till the last 4 days to write it? Bearing in mind I’m also working on Friday and Sunday?

Yeah, I fucked up!

So, here are a steps that lead to my mistakes – don’t do what I do and you’ll get your homework done on time or early!

Step 1: Get home from college and rush to the computer

Step 2: Turn on Steam (A gaming platform)

Step 3: Look through your games and pick which one to play!

Step 4: Launch a game

Step 5: Waste 6 hours in game

Step 6: Get out of the game and go watch TV

Step 7: Go to bed late after watching The Simpsons

Step 8: Work your ass off on the last three days before the deadline in order to get murdered by your teachers!

Don’t be like me, it’s not healthy!

However, if you are like me – comment below whether or not you can successfully rush an essay and write it well? I’m curious 😉

Have a great day, everyone!

Happy Wednesday,


Castiel Gutierrez

(P.S. I fucked up – I set this to upload at 12pm… Or I thought! It actually was set to upload at Midnight! Once again, I’m sorry for being human and having human errors, I’ll upload on time tomorrow! Hope you had a great day!)