Hello Everyone and Happy Monday.
Last week Labour elected a new leader, that leader being Corbyn.
And now, he is already taking criticism due to a who he has chosen as his Shadow Cabinet members….
3 men. Yeah, they’re now pulling out the sexism card – when there was a female candidate for the leader role.

Also, something that amuses me about this situation is that there aren’t as many female MP’s in the Labour party as there is in others…. So of course he’s going to pick men! There is more of them.
Think about it.
Let’s say the conservatives has 30% female MP’s. And they have females in high places!
If Labour has less than 15%, of course they’re not going to be chosen! The majority is men!

So, what do you think? Is he being Sexist or is he just getting people he thinks will do their job correctly?
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Have a Happy Monday!
Castiel Gutierrez