Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday,

Now, most of you will know I am starting a new subject today at College, I explained why yesterday.

I have had to start thinking of ways to get on the teachers good side in order to get into the class!

So, here are some tips to get on your teachers good side:

  1. Don’t act like a moron, commenting on looks of other people or your teacher, teach everyone with respect and your teacher will respect you.
  2. Don’t day dream, when you’re in class, listen to your teacher!
  3. Turn up on time, or early! If you turn up early your teacher will love you!
  4. Hand in your homework on time, if you don’t they may question, and will begin to, your reliability.
  5. Joke about life – an example: I forgot to brush my hair this morning, and when I told my teacher she laughed at me before then talking about how having short hair is basically saving her time and effort – in all fairness, it makes me question whether I want to get rid of my hair… But I already have super short hair!

So, take care! Be careful!

Have a Happy Thursday!

Castiel Gutierrez