Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday!

On Monday I found out that my Film Studies teacher, David, was not happy with me being in Film Studies.

This is not because i am a bad student, but due to failing my exam last year because of the lack of Dyslexia glasses. So, he has been trying to find another class, that is more creative, for me to swap for Film Studies so that I have something that will be more intertwined with my photography.

So, why is this happening now? Because College lied. They told me I could do Film Studies. However, now I am being advised not to and to take something else making me have to do 2 years of work in one! So, as long as it is a B-Tech or something similar to Photography, I won’t have to do a sit-academic exam.

Now, I’m curious! Are any of you in College, High School or University? And have any of you been through something like this? Pulled around from Pillar to Post?

If you have, feel free to leave a comment below about it! I would love to hear your experience in Education Fuck Ups!

Have a Happy Wednesday,


Castiel Gutierrez