Why can’t we do this in my college? It would make so much more sense!

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In the northern hemisphere, thousands of students and teachers are heading back to the classroom, which means it’s time to stock up on pencils, notebooks, binders… and blogs?

Yes! A website or blog can help you share information and extend what goes on during school hours, and that goes for both teachers and students. Not sure how you’d use a blog? Here are a few ideas:

For teachers…

Share information with students and parents. How often do handouts get left in a desk, or do permission slips find themselves crushed in the bottom of a backpack beneath an uneaten banana? Use a class blog to alleviate forgetfulness and paper overload, so no one can ever say “I forgot what the homework was!” Share test dates or class project requirements. Add a milestone widget to highlight a significant event. Make handouts and forms available by embedding them as Google or Word documents. Let students and parents

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