Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!

I’ve started to realise that everything I write about isn’t exactly, well, Happy.

I try to write about things that are happening in the media but it seems that all that’s in the media, up to press, is violent, depressing and vindictive…

Today, I would like to cover and important topic that I think we should learn more about.

The Migrant Crisis.

This is happening due to the civil war in Syria and the lack of control that they have over the rebels, causing millions of people too flee the country in hope of being taken care of and helped out of such a dangerous place.

A lot of people have begun donating money and helping them, volunteers are starting to drive some refugees from one place to another in order to get them to safety quicker.

Now, a friend of mine posted something important on Facebook last night about the crisis, he shared a picture of an old Newspaper from the 1930’s\1940’s talking about the Jewish population coming into Britain. The event was before the Nazi’s began killing the Jewish population but weirdly enough, the article was very similar to that of articles on the Migrant Crisis!

“It’s not our responsibility”, oh really? Said the country that enjoys invading the refugee’s home land?

It should not be anyone’s problem because it shouldn’t be happening!

But, it is happening, meaning that we need to help them!

Now, what is happening, I approve of. The refugees are being put into refugee camps where they are being taught the native language so that they can then get jobs!

So, yes. They are going to a safe place. No, I’m not racist. And Yes, I will try to do all I can for them.

So, what do you all think? Is the Press worried about the EU’s economy or are they just not wanting more people into our countries because of their race?

Tell me what you think below!

I hope this has opened your eyes to what is happening in Syria and in the EU.

Take care, Stay Safe and Have a Happy Tuesday!


Castiel Gutierrez