So, I have been thinking about things that I want to and don’t want to do. Here are ten of the things I definitely don’t want/can’t do.

10. Be Smart – My A-Level results of BCEE prove I am unable to do such a thing.

09. Be Perfect – I’m human and actually have both a heart and conscience unlike some people.

08. Be Attractive – I find it impossible to lose weight, even when I’m on a healthy diet and I exercise, but being skinny which most people call “attractive”, I will never be.

07. Fail As A Parent – This one is explained further below.

06. Cheat – Because I hate people that cheat and I don’t do stuff like that.

05. Learn Another Language – Because I find this one hard enough anyways, so whats the point?

04. Get Over Mental Illness – Depression and Anxiety have always been a big thing in my life, it will continue to do so even if I don’t want it to.

03. Make a Difference In The World – We all know I’m useless.

02. Have Biological Children – For personal reasons, I don’t want children.

01. Do Drugs – Because my life is shit already, I don’t need to take drugs and make it worse…