Hello Everyone and Happy Monday!

A study has been published in the British Medical Journal this month about the mortality rate of people who go into hospital on a Weekend!

This has been talked about before due to the stupidity and lack of care put forward by members of the NHS, especially Surgeons. Why because if you operation was scheduled for a Friday, you have a 10% extra chance of dying under the knife.

So, the new study shows that all though who are rushed into hospital during the week end has a high death rate than those who go in on a morning!

How big of an increased death rate? Well, a nice 15% extra!

Yes, so basically the reasoning behind this is because Surgeons and Doctors don’t like working on Fridays and over the weekend because that is supposed to be the time to relax…

So, here is my advise:

  • If you become ill, don’t go into the hospital before Monday Morning, 9am.
  • If you’re thinking about dying – Hold it off until Monday and don’t go in after Thursday
  • If you get hit by a car, just walk it off, you will have a higher mortality rate if you go to the hospital.

Of course all my “Advise” is fake, I’m just joking with ya!

But, if you do go into hospital on one of the bad days for the NHS work force, keep someone on hand – whether its a parent or not – just so if you think you’re getting worse or you think there is an issue, you have someone there to help you through it!

Anyways, I hope this has enlightened you. Now, what I want to know is – Do you think the NHS workers are over worked or do you think they just don’t care about us all that much on the bad days, because they feel like they’re missing out?

Comment below your opinion!

Stay Safe, Stay Beautiful!

Have a Happy Monday,


Castiel Gutierrez