Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday,

I have just looked at the poll for the renaming of our Monthly Magazine, and it looks like Butterfly Pride has won!

So, before I go to bed, I’ve decided – Why not explain how the name was made!

Jordan, my fiancé, was talking about Pride as we do a lot toward supporting the LGBT community! And as I was thinking also about the mental illness side to the organization I came up with The Butterfly Project, which is something I had done myself a few years ago in order to stop self harming.

So, how The Butterfly Project works, if you don’t know, every time you feel like harming yourself, you draw a butterfly on your skin where you would have harmed yourself.

Which is how I came up with Butterfly Pride!

It makes sense to be proud of your Butterflies but also, Butterflies are beautiful just like how people are beautiful when they come out as themselves – whether they come out as Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Genderfluid, Bisexual, Pansexual, etc.

So, the first Butterfly Pride will be released on Monday 7th September 2015 (Next Week!).

Anyways, I hope you’ve all had a great day!

Talk soon,

Castiel Gutierrez