Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday!

A few days ago a woman was raped. However, this one is being shown more in the media than others.

Why? Because of how.

A woman has been dragged out of her car in a John Lewis carpark, to then be raped in nearby bushes. To some, this is amusing, which it shouldn’t be.

Really? #ReportingATroll
I hate racists…. I believe in equality! That’s why I Hate/Love everyone. #DontBeRacist
To the defence – Emma! This is probably the only person that recognised that it isn’t just women that get raped. However, I do want to highlight that men do also rape men and it is possible for a woman to be raped by a woman. Just putting that out there, but I do love this comment! (I blocked her name and picture out for her safety. The trolls safety I don’t care for).
And Finally, my post! I just want to identify that dressing provocatively is outdated by Rape… Rape came first, Mini Skirts were invented in 1960.

So, what do you think?

Is rape happening because we “dress for it” or is rape happening because some people are messed up enough to do so?

Comment below what you think!

I hope you’re having a Happy Thursday,

Stay Safe,

Castiel Gutierrez