Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday!

So, a lot of people have been talking about a young mother who forgot her 2 month old child and left him at the supermarket.

Now, this is something I’m curious about as a lot of older, more experienced mothers have come forth and talked about how they had left their child, in their pram, outside of the supermarket or corner shops. But not old leaving them there while being inside but also going home, putting the shopping away and then going back for them!

However, nowadays more “newbie” mums are saying its “outrageous”.

When in my eyes, it’s not!

Children used to be able to play on the streets, walk to school on their own and be able to go to a park without the threat of abduction, harm or death…

So, what do you think?

Some people are now calling her a “bad” mum because she left her child. Although, a lot of other mothers have also come to her defence claiming that if not enough sleep has been had, anything could happen, which is true!

With a lack of sleep, I have seen mothers shout at themselves, scream at walls and even fall asleep with their child in their arms.

This doesn’t make her a bad mum! A bad mum is someone who doesn’t care about their child, doesn’t cloth them, doesn’t feed them, hurts them.

However, all her children are fed well, clothed and treat perfectly!

So, is she a bad mum? Or is she a good mum with just a little bit too much weight on her shoulders?

Comment below what you think!

Have a Happy Wednesday,


Castiel Gutierrez