"I'm Fine" Tattoo reads "Save Me" when looked upside down.
“I’m Fine” Tattoo reads “Save Me” when looked upside down.

Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!

So, today I have an important story to talk about.

Why? Because a girl, who was concerned that mental illness was not being taken seriously, got a tattoo.

It’s not that Tattoos are important, but its the hidden message in the tattoo.

One of the biggest lies of today is “I’m fine”.

Around 75% of conversations people say “I’m fine” when they actually need help!

This figure is what I have found out myself by logging what people, readers and friends say when talking to me.

75% of 3000 conversions that I have had in the past month. That’s 2250 conversations where people lied to me about how they were feeling!

This tattoo says it all, “I’m fine” but only for you to look at it the other way around and find that it says “Save Me”.

It’s beautiful and I honestly think that this might highlight the issues of the mental health conduct being shit, why do I think this?

Because already the picture has gone viral and a lot of people are realising that counselling, therapy and hospitals don’t cut the mustard anymore!

I hope this has inspired you, if you ever need help please contact us or me.

Happy Tuesday, Happy September!

I hope you enjoyed,


Castiel Gutierrez