Hello everyone!
The past few days have been a little bad for me compared to the amazing time I had with Jordan.

So, because nobody seemed to be helping me I wanted to vent a little and have people secretly judge the situation with a Hug, Heart or a Me2. If you haven’t realised, I’m talking about the Silent Secret app where you can tell people your secrets, they can hug (support), heart (sympathise) or/and Me2 (empathise).

The app is completely anonymous, your secret will be kept and it won’t say who did it.

I read through a lot of them and I sympathised and empathised with so many! So, I posted some of mine, and it was great, I didn’t have to talk to someone but I got the support I needed in the moment!
Here are mine: (the Hug, Heart and Me2 stats are at the bottom of each post)

Be who you want to be, even if your hair is as bright as mine!
With Live Love Laugh I have been helping people for 2 years, a year before I helped people on my own... But when I'm depressed nobody seems to care other than Jordan, my family and a friend.
Jordan talked me out of Suicide last year, a month before we officially got together as a couple. However, he didn't actually know what he'd done until two months into our relationship when I confessed about my attempt and how he'd saved me.

If you want to talk about something, message me! If you want to get support without the talking, get Silent Secret! It’s amazing and I honestly don’t understand why people hadn’t made this app earlier!

Anyways, I will post some more on the app and if I feel up to it, I may post some more on here for ya’ll to see!

However, some secrets just are supposed to stay secrets ❤

Have a beautiful day!

Castiel Gutierrez ❤

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