I love my partner, they’re amazing and loving and caring and they help me struggle through my everyday struggles.

Up until July 3rd 2014, I had no one and then I fell for them and they fell for me, too.

A lot of our love got confused through friends messing with us. Those friends weren’t true.

“I like Cassy.”

“Don’t you know that she’s gay?”

“I like Jordan.”

“He doesn’t like people like you. He has a crush on —-(No Naming)”

So, instead of us getting together at the same time of us liking each other, it took us an entire 3 months before both of us realizing.

Although, I live in England and he lives in California, we work with the distance.

On July 3rd 2015, he arrived in England, and he lived with me for almost 6 weeks before having to go back.

It was amazing and I loved every minute of our time together, the warm embraces as we slept, the small kisses he placed on my cheeks when I cried over movies.

I love him, he saved me, he cares for me and he loves me.

The distance isn’t important.

Some ask, “how can you cope?”
And when I ask what they’re talking about all they say is “I wouldn’t be able to handle it, I enjoy being intimate.”

You can be intimate without physical contact. But what you’re trying to say is that you’d find it hard to stay faithful.
But no, I cope well with that as I don’t cheat.
However, I do suffer at times with paranoia due to being scared of losing him.

So no, I don’t care much for the distance.

Recently, we have been trying to work out whether it would be easier for him to move over here or me to move over there… So fair, it seems that love is illegal in England due to the cost, terms and conditions of the Visa Jordan would need to live and marry me….

But until then, the distance is just that.

I love him, and I don’t care what anyone thinks.