Hello Everyone,

So, as most of you will know, Jordan came to visit me and he stayed with me for 6 weeks…

Well, he went home last Monday… But before he did, he proposed!

And… I said yes! So, we’re engaged, I picked up my ring today, its an emerald stone and it’s beautiful.

So, other than that, here are my results for my exams:

Photography – B

Media Studies – D

English – E (No surprises there…)

Film Studies – E (I don’t even…)

So, all my course work was D and above, but those are my overall grades due to an issue I had almost all year… My glasses weren’t helping me how it was supposed to….

And when I went to Specsavers (my previous optician) they told me my prescription hadn’t changed, when indeed they had… So, will I be taking Film next year? Possibly not due to Specsavers….

So, I have been fitted for a new couple of pairs, a new set of Dyslexia and a new set of clear glasses… Soon, I will actually be able to see.

And one last thing – I have set up my own business. I am starting a photography business in the Yorkshire area of England. If you need a photographer – go to my new website – castielphotography.com

Have A Great Day!