Hello Everyone!

I’m finally, properly, back.

My internet is running a tiny bit better but that doesn’t mean anything 😉


So, an update:

Live Love Laugh and all the missing Quick Fix issues will be released either This FRIDAY or Next Monday! I haven’t decided yet and if I do it now, I don’t know how my work will turn out due to recent events.


Anyway, other than that. All I have to tell you is that Jordan is now travelling home. He is on his first flight, he won’t arrive home until 1am for me, 8pm in California.

It was a great time, having him with me but all good things come to an holt – luckily this one isn’t ending.

I will be flying out to meet him next year in my school holidays, I wish I could see him again sooner – like for my 18th birthday…

But, I’m happy to wait! I’d rather see him for 2 months than 2 weeks ❤


Now, I have one thing left to say!



Happy Monday! Smile, laugh and pass on the happiness.

We Love You, Have A Great Week!




Castiel Gutierrez ❤