Pandie (Jordan) and myself went to Leeds Pride this year and here are some of the comments we got (We got these comments because we looked like a heterosexual couple, which we are and aren’t all at once, this is because we are genderfluid. And while I felt female, Pandie did also but due to not being completely open about it, he didn’t wear his dress. So we looked heterosexual. ALL COMMENTS WERE MADE BY MEMBERS OF THE CROWD, NOT BY THE ACTS ON STAGE):

Comment #1: Why are they here! They don’t look gay, they’re holding hands and kissing for god sake!

Comment #2: I’m all for a bit of cross dressing but trans is not a real thing! They’re all just drag queens!

Comment #3: All the hot looking guys are taken by fat bitches, I see.

So, here is what I want to say.

#1: I still consider myself a Lesbian, I am also Genderfluid along with my partner who is also genderfluid. Sometimes we look like Lesbians, sometimes we’ll look heterosexual and sometimes we’ll look gay. It’s not hard to get your head around it.

#2: It’s amusing how Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals are now judging and assuming and accusing like straight people did to them for years! How can you say we’re not real when 20 years ago heterosexuals were denying YOUR existence! I understand not all are the same, but about 12 people agreed with this statement…

#3: Yes, I’m fat.
Yes, my partner is hot.
No, I’m not a bitch – that would suggest that I am a FEMALE.
No, they’re not a guy, because that would suggest they’re MALE.

Now, other than these comments, Pandie and Myself enjoyed the Pride very much! It was great and there was so much love.

If any of you were there, I hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did!