Do You Want More Harley Quinn Gameplay?

I enjoy playing video games! We all do at some point, for some its a phase, for others, like myself, I love watching and playing, whether its action, horror or survival.

And as some of you will know, I like batman! Or superheros in general!

Batman is my favourite in the DC world and I have no true favourite in the world of Marvel for the reason that Marvel is just complete epicness!

So, why am I a little upset? Maybe because Batman: Arkham Knight has been taken off Steam due to glitches and bugs…

Its stupid that AFTER release they’ve discovered glitches. I played a little of it on the day it came out, on a high spec PC and it was perfect other than a texture being missing every now and again. But for a company that enjoys spending money on the batman franchise – it isn’t going well – they should have tested it on all specs and then made sure it to be fixed. I don’t understand how its so broken, to a point of having to take it down!
Every pc game has a bug every now and again but how many did they need to find? Or was is just one major bug like Bulletstorm…
I hope it gets put back up soon but at the same time, I hope they take their time repairing it this time because I’ve seen big released having to be taken from retailers due to major bugs that somehow weren’t spotted during testing…

It does make me question, however, how big of a bug is it and what did it glitch?

I know there is a small glitch in The Last Of Us which can’t be removed without destroying around 3 minutes of gameplay and having to rebuild the area (This is when you have just given Ellie the gun for the first time and you need to boost her up, but sometimes, around 8 out of 10 times, it doesn’t come up with an icon so you can do so).

So, I’m curious as most of us are due to this idiocy. But I am just waiting for it to be back on so I can play it at home! I really want to play it and I sort of hope that one day they will make the Harley Quinn DLC a little longer? Or into her own little game, maybe?

That would be great!

Even if her voice is irritating as hell!

So, whats your opinion? Do you think they were right to take it down? Or should they have maybe just updated it?

Leave a comment below!