Hello Everyone,
Today I went to thw opticians only to be told that my glasses are still fine and that even though my tint, to help my dyslexia, isn’t working – they’re unwilling to help…

So, basically, I was told that my reading vision won’t be good anymore unless I go and spend £500 on LENSES! Not including the frames…

Now, my mum called college and was told the University of Bradford do it a little cheaper.
The lenses are £200, the frames are around £100 and the testing is £70 altogether. £400 for everything…
And I thought that is good but, it still made me question – Should Students in full time education have to pay for dyslexia glasses?
And I thought of this due to the things other people get!
Some people get a reader during class because they can’t read veey fast, I never got that due to having my glasses, so why do I have to pay for something to help me read when others get readers?

So, I was wondering! What do you think? Should people, like myself, who only struggle academically due to the lack of help due to dyslexia, should we be able to get some funding?
I wouldn’t expect school or the government to pay for it all but for those who can’t afford it due to being disabled and unemployed shouldn’t they be able to get some help at least?

Whats your opinion? Help? No help?

Leave a comment below!