Fallout_4_announcement-320-80So my other posts since joining here, have been mainly focused on issues and things which I personally don’t think are right in society so time to twist things up this week and talk about something which as spikes my interest over the last few weeks, so lets begin… So after false rumours and claims this might finally be the time we are brought fallout 4! trying to regain my excitement here, so here’s the story so far. On June 2nd bethesda website was activated with the image above alerting fans ‘please stand by’ so as millions of people across the globe started to hyperventilate one of them being me, the countdown to this secret reveal was ticking down with many of us suspecting the release of the new fallout game. The website was said to expire on june 3rd at 10:00 EDT 13:00 UTC AND 15:00 BST.

However talking about bethesda game studios , we haven’t seen much activity being fallout:new vegas being the last game published dating back to 2010 which was a shocking five years ago. So like you have guessed or already seen, after years fall out four is been published.OK, so we kind of knew this thanks to bits of leaked information, . However, the real confirmation came as the site accidentally went live , leaking this concept art:


I secondly, it is going to be next generation due to Fallout 4 is Bethesda’s first offline RPG since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched so it will be the first time we see what they’ve managed to do with the additional firepower of the new console generation. Fallout 3 and Skyrim on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were truly massive games with huge amounts of explore, so whatever they have planned for next-gen will probably blow our minds.

So what else is available , so if you are looking for a fallout fix right now, bethesda have released a companion game which is only available of iOS at the moment, the name of the new game is called fallout shelter where you are able to look after and take care of a underground bunker. However it get’s even better if your a lucky fella and you own an apple device the game is easy and free to download and play.

Fallout-Shelter-Android-Release-date-585752 Finally, saving the best thing to come out of the early information of the fall out release, Is the collectors edition , if you don’t know already bethesda have announced at E3, that the special edition is going to include your very own pip-boy watch, so if you are a fan of the fallout franchise you will understand how awesome this is, But awesome comes at a price as the collectors edition will cost £99.99 and $119.99. So there you have it , fall out four is said to be released on the 10th of november 2015 c:



E3 gamplay- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2CCmkm0s9o

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