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In media I am currently studying documentaries for my coursework and at first I was looking at horror documentaries about serial killers, such as The Ken and Barbie Killers, Jack The Killer and Richard Ramirez, and then I started looking at Transgender and children who begin to realise that they’re in the wrong body.

Can you tell that she was assigned the male gender at birth?
Can you tell that she was assigned the male gender at birth?

One that really got my interest and sort of made me cry was a young girl, born with a male reproductive system, called Isabelle. She came out to her parents at the age of 8 or 9 and when she turned 10, she told her school that she was transgender which they openly accepted. However, some of the children were not as accepting!

She got comments such as:

“I thought you were a boy”,

“Are you a boy or a girl?”

“No matter how girly you look, you’re still a boy because you have a penis.”

Now, these are things that parents often teach their children, an example is that children aren’t racist until their parents tell them not to play with someone of another Ethnicity and Race.

So, how did Isabelle stop these children from being so cruel? Well, she wrote a letter to all the children and parents who associate with the school.

The letter basically told them that she was transgender and what it meant to be such.

it was a truly inspiring story and I love how much courage this little girl has! Not just because of her age but because she came out so early and with such courage and bravery!

However, someone of a forum decided to compare Caitlyn Jenner to Isabelle…. What?

There is a specific difference between the two –

1. Caitlyn won an award for coming out and going through her gender change… Why? because she had “courage”. I understand that she had to be brave, but she has an entire family and community supporting her! The community being those who love the Kardashians… I still respect Caitlyn. However, I don’t understand completely why she is “the bravest person ever”… No. Just no.

Who did Isabelle have? Her family and doctors. When kids made fun of her, who was there to help her? No one. And a lot of kids 8-13 are going through the same thing! And some of these kids aren’t allowed to have puberty blockers which stops children, boy to girl transitioning, having their voice broken during puberty. And for some children, especially those transitioning from male to female, puberty blockers are the only way to stop their voice from breaking, making it easier for them to live as a female until they can get a sex change! And what did some of these children have to go through? With only their parents as help? In Australia until 2013, I believe, to get Puberty blockers and other treatment a child and their parents had to go to Family Court which would cost, on average, $30,000. Luckily, in Australia, another male born girl called Jamie (Im not sure if it is her real name, they disguised her in order to keep her past hidden from students at her high school who only see her as female).
2. Another thing they said was that “transgender people are attention seekers!” This is basically what people say about those who suffer with depression. “They’re doing it to attention seek!” And thats not the case.

Caitlyn Jenner was happy to get the attention, but how did Isabelle and Jamie ask for attention? They’re trying to be who they are. Jamie doesn’t even let people know what her assigned gender is!

So, as you can imagine, due to being gender fluid myself along with my partner also being gender fluid, this was something that pissed me off, putting it in a nice way!

I understand that some people don’t like Transgender people or someone like myself, I understand that! But, don’t generalise and compare them all. I’m not the same as my partner even though we’re both gender fluid!

So, if you are interested in watching the documentary, it is an hour long, called “Being Me”.

If you want to watch it, here it is:

Thank you to all of those who support myself and others of our community that are Transgender, Genderfluid, Transexual and more – Honestly, without your support, some of us may have become statistics.

Have a Beautiful Day!


Castiel Gutierrez ❤