These are the generic conventions of a documentary, I have made this list because my film trailer will be for my documentary, although it will follow other genres, such as comedy and drama.


Anyway, here they are:


Documentary Generic Conventions –

– Non-linear or Linear
– Single Strand Narrative (Mostly).
– Open/Closed or circularized depending on subject.


Camera Work:
– CU, MCU, Rule Of Thirds
– Interviews
– Conversations
– Activities


– Background in interviews reflects story – ETEE – Classroom
– Locations – Museums, Places Of Interest.


– Non-Diegetic Music
– Voice Overs
– Background noise minimized
– SFX in re-construction


– Cut
– Montage
– Effects – Minimalistic
– Blur


– Simple or stylized
– Credits
– Name of interviewee