Hello everyone and Happy Monday!
For around 6 years, I suffered with chronic nightmares that happened every night no matter the temperature, sound or atmosphere. These nightmares are often referred to as Night Terrors as they terrorise the host, making them unable to sleep or want to sleep.
So, how did I stop mine? Well, I got people who I trusted to talk me to sleep. And for a while it worked until August when I had no one to help me, making me fall back into a routine of insomnia and depression.
And then, as my relationship with Jordan began, he started to talk me to sleep, and now all he needs to do is be there, on my screen, to stop me from having nightmares.
But last night was different. I had a nightmare, Jordan was at work, I woke up and I couldn’t remember what happened.
However, this morning, I woke up again, 5am, with a pain in my spine and I could and still can remember the dream.
So, this is what happened:

A man went home after work, broke a window and took a piece of glass from said window to a café where he killed the waitress.

A newsreporter was broadcasting live from the scene as the body was brought out. Later on, she broadcast again and said “if I die, I don’t want to be stabbed or set on fire.”

A man in the crowd behind her walked past and as he did, he looked as if he was on fire – this was like a hint, they did this in The Omen where the priests picture had a line going through his body representing the spike that killed him – later, the same man came up behind the woman and set himself on fire, she was dragged away from him where her saviour then exploded due to the bomb strapped to his chest. The woman survived (sort of) but was split in two, she was pulled away by her arms, her blood leaving a trail on the ground.

Now, to some, that won’t be disturbing or frightening. And to me, it wasn’t as frightening as it was disturbing. Especially because my mind came up with that and I’m not afraid of death or how I die.

Other than having nightmares of events that ACTUALLY happened, this is one that scared the hell out of me because of how disturbing and creepy it was. So, I was wondering, whats your worst nightmare? And can you remember your nightmares easily?

Thanks for reading!
Have a Happy Monday,
Castiel Gutierrez ❤