Hello Everyone.

If you’ve read this week’s Quick Fix, you’ll both see and know that we need more writers!

At the moment, between myself and Lauren, we have no more writers! That’s it…

So, if any of you want to be a writer, whether it is for only a month, 4 issues, or for an entire year! We would very much appreciate it!

Please go to Guest Author or Apply For A Position.

Another thing, are you in need of a photographer? I could help!

I am an Amatuer/hobbyist photographer, studying photography as an A-Level, and I am wishing to take it further and get a degree in the subject.

I want to build up a bigger and better portfolio and I am willing to work on Weekends and holidays.

I do not wish to be paid. However, if the job you wish me to do is over 25 miles away from where I am based in West Yorkshire, I would appreciate some refund for travel cost.

I can do weddings and events. I am also willing to help charities.

If you’re interested, please contact me at hollygutierrez.com

Thank you,

Castiel Gutierrez ❤