So for a few days now I’ve been thinking on what to base my next article on and I’m not going  to lie my mind has been blank, until now. Over the weekend I decided to go shopping because after recently losing a lot of weight over the past 2 years I finally had the confidence to walk into shops and buy crop tops and other clothing items which would be classed as slightly unprofessional but that wasn’t the issue. I attend college 5 days a week and I choose why not to finally show how confident and how proud I am of myself for what I have overcome. However the slyness of snickering comments could be heard. I think people need to come to terms that no not every girl  has the ‘perfect’ 6/8-size body. However I’m not approving that sizes above 20 are healthy, but I am getting sick and tired of girls and boys putting down others.

People shouldn’t care if someone wears too much makeup or not enough. If someone snap chat story is 1,000 seconds long or doesn’t have snap chat at all. People shouldn’t be bothered if that girl or boys talks to 10 to 15 people a day or none at all. If someone dresses scandalous, or like a nun. At the end of the day people want to do these things and if this makes the happy and they are truly enjoying life then why should we as a society judge them for everything they do. How someone can be so caught up in other people’s own lives and not there own is terrible.

In my previous post I finished my post with an issue, which I had with Katie Hopkins and oh god, sit down because you’re in for a ride. Firstly this bitch decided to cause uproar over this new documentary with phrases such as ‘fat people give off the impression that they are lazy’ and ‘a fat belly is not an attractive thing, fat people aren’t sexy’. Right lets get one thing straight she does not know a thing. Yes some people may prefer skinny people but there are a lot of females and males out there telling society how a ‘tummy can still be yummy’.

At the end of the day society needs to stop judging other individuals on who they are and how they appear.

be the change you wish to see in this world~