The media tend to make everyone look a specific way.

Teenagers are all violent thugs who do drugs.

Homosexuals are devil spawns who rape people.

Men are sexist pigs, females are feminist bitches.

British people are racist, Americans are racist.

It constantly rains in Britain, its always flooding in America.

Old people are weak, young people hurt old people…

Well, all of that is false!

In fact, theres are just some of the stupid things that the media say about people and all of them are false.

Because the entire of the UK was the jury at this woman’s hearing… And the entire UK is clearly against muslims… Well Done, International New York Times for stereotyping and not being truthful. Congratz on being a twatface.
I honestly never knew this! But it’s pretty clear to me that… Not all the Police are Mediums!
They must have had Sherlock with them, because he clearly has no shits to give.
Really? Do you want to look at those statistics again? Teen pregnancy drops off at 25? Really? No, ya stupids!
That’s like saying I am alive now, and I’ll be dead soon…. Actually, that is exactly what you’re saying….. Another thing that is super stupid, “Exclusive to all newspapers”… That header is just contradicting itself! It’s Exclusive to all newspapers…. which means its not exclusive at all!
I hope they knew that they made a sexual innuendo… If not, he missed out!
Really? It’s showing improvement? You may want to start attending!
“Maybe gun the pests down on the streets? Kidnap them all and drown them?” Stop it!
Now… This is just stupid! How can a one armed and one handed man clap…. when he only has ONE HAND! STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!