Hello everyone and Happy Thursday!
As some of you will know it is careers and future day…
Basically meaning that a lot of careers and universities are in colleges and high schools to talk about the future…
And today, I had to cope with basically being told that I can’t go to university!
Why? Because one photography course I want to go to, only has 20 opening per year…  Good luck to me right? No, because it won’t be happening…
And then there is another one that I need one A and two B’s…. I have the B’s…. I just won’t be getting that fucking A anytime soon….

So, what subject was I looking at? Photography…. The “easy” course as everyone calls it… If you think its easy, go get ABB and then try and get a BIPP. Good Luck.

Another down fall, each course in over £5000 a year…. Not including food, accommodation, transport, electric, gas…. Kill me…

If you are attempting to get into Uni this year, good luck! I probably won’t be joining you any time soon.

Have a Happy Thursday!
Castiel ❤

Also, Happy Birthday to our new weekly writer, Chloe Biggs! And Happy Birthday to Gail Paolinelli, my partners mother, a loving and supporting lady who I think is just amazing!

Happy Thursday!