05. Two stupid women fighting like stupid morons, with many stupid people watching it happening! Tip: Don’t do either of these things!

04. An even stupider person made an Anti-Gay commercial… Tip: DO NOT THINK THAT YOUR “STRUGGLE” IS EQUAL TO OURS.

We may be homosexuals, we may be trangender, bigender or genderfluid! But we’re still human. And yes, people are taught of such beings in schools just as we have to learn about you. Stop being a “bigot” and start opening your eyes to the world around you. The only ones getting truly hurt are the 29 transgender people who die per day, the gay/lesbian who as to put up with your bullshit…

Fuck You.

03.  Other than the comments being full of both racism, nationalism and shit…. I like this video! Why? Because it suggests that we’re all incests in England and that we’re all racist and Stupid! YAY?

No… But seriously, if you have ever talked to a nice “british” person, you’ll know this is bullshit!

Especially considering we have the same representation of Americans… Who were the ones making the comments….

This sort of just suggests badness between the countries! Silly people…. They come from every country and combine to be absolutely stupid!

02. Stupid People, Doing Stupid Things….

Silly Robbers…

01. Salad Fingers…. WHY IS THIS A THING?!

This cartoon freaks me the hell out… So… Here! Watch all the episodes!

Sit down and comment how long you survived!

Stay Safe!

Don’t be homophobic, racist, stupid or a robber!

Have a nice day!