Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday was an important day for power puff girl fans as a sneak peak of the new series was released…

The new one apparently looks exactly the same as the old one… right? No.
Here is my comment… With a nice 1000+ likes!

Some of the replies I got were nice:

Courtney came into the conversation rather late, she had read all the comments that was mean and she commented to help defend me! I didn’t need the help, however, I was very grateful!

And then there were some bad some…. Quite a few actually… :

I’m cynical? Really??? And I don’t believe I am a shower bag, I’m pretty certain I’m a human.
I was born in 97, that doesn’t make me a 90’s kid… 90’s kids are the ones that grow up in the decade, this person seemed to have attempted to grow up but…. it seems to be taking him awhile!
If I want to watch reruns of ONE show, I shall. But in Media, we don’t get to choose what we study. An example is what I am studying this year! Skyfall, Hot Fuzz and Catching Fire… Two of the film I dislike, the other I love…. Guess! If it was up to me, I’d be studying Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead and Now You See Me!

So, they were basically all the rude and “mean” ones from last night!

There were some more this morning but I didn’t screenshot them due to not having the effort!

But another comment that I received last night that made me smile, was probably by one of the only males in said conversations that wasn’t a little bitch about a children’s show:

This dude is cool! I appreciate him and he’s awesome!

So, what did I find out about this? I found that the new Bubbles is having Mustard Hair instead of blonde, Buttercup has a weird flick in her hair…

All the characters are no longer their real colour as its more washed out.

The voice actors have also been changed and considering the 2013 special which made them look more like teenagers than little girls… And now we’re going back to little girls again….. :/

Also, a lot of males are very touchy about the power puff girls…..

Is there a brony sort of thing for the power puff girls or are these guys just stupid…..

I don’t even know….

I hope you have a happy wednesday!


Castiel ❤